Face Shapes



Round Face.

Square Face. 

Oval face.

The Heart-Shaped Face.

Pear Shape.

Oblong face. 




Looking for a pair of glasses and can't find a pair that looks good on your face? Even wondering whether you are meant to wear glasses? 

Worry not. Read our face guide, and you will discover the perfect pair for your face. 


Round Face


People with a round face have a broad forehead, lack prominent cheekbone, and a have rounded chin. 

The face is as wide as it is long, and has a circular appearance. They lack strong lines and angles.


Round face shape

One should avoid frames that exaggerate the face's roundness and wear a pair that contrasts the face. 


Men with a circular face should wear square or rectangular-shaped glasses to appear more masculine. Such shapes make their faces longer and thinner. Ladies should wear bold eyewear that draws attention to the eyes and make their faces look more petite. 

Square Face


People with a square face have a strong jawline and extremely angular features. They also have a broad forehead. 

Square Face Shape

Women should try to add softness to their face by wearing round or swept frames, such as cat-eyes. 

Men should try to complement and balance their facial structure. 

Square faces should also look for thin frames. 


Oval face


An oval face has a narrow forehead, a high cheekbone and a narrow chin. 

This face type is considered the ideal shape because it is well balanced. 

A person with an oval face can wear any shape of eyewear. 

Oval Face Shape

They can wear a cat-eye, round frame, or rectangular silhouettes for a professional look. Anything goes-but a person with an oval face should avoid oversized glasses.  


The Heart-Shaped Face


The main distinguishing features of a heart-shaped face are a high cheekbone, a narrow chin and a broad forehead.

Heart-shaped face

 The widest part of their face is their forehead. Round frames can make the more angular heart shape appear softer, while rectangle frames add balance. 

For ladies they should wear light colors or a floral pattern to draw attention away from the forehead.


Pear Shape


A pear-shaped face is characterized by a wide jawline, broad chin but a less prominent cheekbone and a narrow forehead. 

Pear-faced Shape

A club-master or a Browline frame would be ideal to complement the narrow forehead. 

Aviators are also suitable for such a face shape. 


Oblong face


People with oblong faces have a long and slender look. They might have a long nose, a tall forehead, high cheekbone. 

Oblong-shaped face

With such a face shape, wearing glasses with tall rims will help create balanced proportions on an oblong face. Also, one can look for broad rims with a color-accented top. 

Decorative temples will help add width to an oblong face.

Glasses to avoid are rectangles or small frames that exaggerate the long slender face.