Blue light blocking glasses ; How do they work?


Do blue light blocking glasses work?. 1

What is blue light?. 1

Will Blue light glasses make a difference to a person staring at screens all day?. 2

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Do blue light blocking glasses work?

You might have experienced fatigue or eye strain after long hours staring at a digital screen. One of the solutions that are in the market is the blue light-blocking lens.

You might be wondering, “Is buying blue light blocking glasses a sound investment?” Eyeglasses are not cheap, and if you have to buy them, they must be worth the money that you spend on them.

Blue light filtering eyeglasses

Most eyeglass marketers claim that these glasses are capable of alleviating eye strain, eye irritation, eye fatigue, sleep issues, headaches among other benefits.

Most claim that artificial light contains blue light that might be harming your eyes and your overall health.

But do blue light blocking glasses work?

Most of us cannot help but stare at screens for long hours. The pandemic has not helped either. As a result of the booming work from home culture, office workers are being exposed to long hours of screen time.

It is estimated that an average office worker spends 1700 hours behind a computer screen! Those are so many hours looking at one spot! A workplace computer screen must be such a prime piece of real estate.

Besides, the pandemic has also made computer gaming more popular. We know how enjoyable and addictive (sic) these games are.

We are also replacing our indoor lighting with LED lights that are more energy-efficient and more sustainable.

What is blue light?

The light that is visible to humans is a form of energy and is visible in the seven colors of the rainbow. Of these colors, blue light has more energy than the rest of the colors.

One of the major sources of blue light is sunlight. Blue light is beneficial to the human body, as it regulates our sleep cycle and keeps us active and upbeat.

Another major source of blue light is artificial light especially from LEDs and a digital screen. Chronic exposure to this kind of light results in what is known as the Digital Eyestrain Syndrome (DES) or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Digital eyestrain syndrome is characterized by dry, itchy eyes, headaches, and blurred vision. It affects about 60% of the US population.


 Will Blue light glasses make a difference to a person staring at screens all day?


The American Macular Degeneration Foundation (AMDF) claims that "the blue rays of the spectrum seem to accelerate age-related macular degeneration (AMD) more than any other rays in the spectrum".

All the experts agree that exposure to the blue light at night interferes with the wake-sleep cycle.

Since blue light is responsible for keeping us upbeat and active, exposure to this light at night might interfere with our sleep pattern.

Therefore, wearing blue light blocking while working at night can help one catch sleep much faster as compared to a person not using the eyeglasses with blue light filtering properties.

How do blue light filtering glasses work?

These eyeglasses have a special lens that filters or blocks a substantial amount of blue light.  During the manufacturing process of the lenses, a pigment that absorbs blue light is baked into the lens.

As a result, blue light lenses are not 100% clear. They have a subtle tint, which is hard to detect. It can only be detected when the lens is placed on white paper.

Should I get blue light glasses?

It depends. If you need to reduce eyestrains, there are other ways of doing it.

One method that experts highly recommend is the observance of the 20-20-20 rule. This rule states that after every 20 minutes of staring at a screen, one should take a 20 seconds break and look at a 20 feet away object.

Another effective method is reducing the amount that you spend behind digital screens. This strategy is not as easy as it sounds. Given that some of us are addicted to our screens, it will have to take some discipline to reduce the amount of time we spend staring at screens.

Besides, you can consider hobbies that do not involve the use of screens (quite hard for online gaming fanatics). Such a move will cut your screen time considerably.

Finally, one can reduce the brightness of the screen by changing the background. Most social media platforms and some sites have a dark mode. The dark mode emits less light. Besides, diming indoor LED light might also be of help in reducing eyestrains.

Dry itchy eyes can be treated by eye drops, which are sold over the counter by most chemists and pharmacies. 

However, if you are using digital screens at night and you need to fall asleep as soon as you are done working, blue light glasses might be of help. Since they filter out the light that is responsible for keeping you awake, falling asleep might be easier when they are work during screen time after dark.

Besides, if reducing the brightness of your screen still results in eyestrains, investing in a pair of blue light glasses might be a wise decision.

Are there affordable blue light glasses?

Eyeglasses are expensive. The industry is monopolized by a few players who operate like an oligopoly and set prices that are out of reach for the ordinary people. In addition, the supply chain of the eyewear industry is riddled with a lot of middlemen who add huge profit markups on their products.

Batian Eyewear have eliminated the middlemen, who make eyewear expensive, and hence keeping our prices affordable.

Blue Light Glasses

Besides, we are an e-commerce brand, and we don’t incur the overheads of running physical stores. We, therefore, pass those savings to our customers, availing affordable blue light glasses to them.

Why are blue blocking glasses ugly?

Cheap Blue light glasses used to have a weird orange tint. They also came with very ugly frame design.  Batian Eyewear came along to solve this problem.

Our eyewear products are designed with you in mind by an in-house team of designers. They are chic and always on-trend. The lenses are almost clear with a subtle tint to absorb the blue light from your digital screens.

When to see a doctor

If you continue suffering from eyestrains and headaches after trying all the above-mentioned solutions, it might be wise to visit an eye doctor.