Clear Frame Glasses, a Trend or a Fad?

Clear Frame Glasses, a Trend or a Fad?

No color is the new color

Clear framed glasses are the right choice for bold and on-trend fashion looks.

The clear frame glasses have been one of the best preferred by people in 2021. For a relaxed and classic look, the transparent acetate flames should be your choice, and they are here to say.

We generally recognize people by the look, and the glasses you wear are definitely part of your identity. Trendy transparent flames in 2021 are different depending on people's preferences and tastes.

From the 1960s, celebrities have used different flames to look fabulous and stylish and the transparent frames have been one of their choices. Diana Rose, Ingrid Bergman, David Bowie, Jaqueline Onassis and Bridgette Bardot are celebrities who have worn the glasses.

There are various clear handbags, shoes and accessories made from transparent materials that have been trending in the recent past. The frames are also available in the market for both children and adults.

The transparent frame or a pair with a faint taint are modern, stylish, and are worn by both men and women. One may not recognize them from a distance, but they add some class to your look as they get closer.

Picking the right pair of flames

Just like the other glasses, you need to choose a pair that matches your face shapes. There is a wide variety to choose from that will make you look magnificent and comfortable. You should also select a set of frames and lenses with good blue light blocking to keep you comfortable during the day.

It is also recommended to check in with your optician to get the correct measurements so that the new eyeglasses may fit you comfortably.

If you are looking for a pair of spectacles that will match and blend with all your outfits, your hair makeup and a happy mood, then the hot transparent glasses are your pick.

Heavy makeup may not balance well with the clear glasses. Apply the makeup lightly, and look for a neutral color for the eyes and the lips that match the eyewear.

Choose a large size of the flames. Oversize frames are always in style and make a perfect look while using the transparent flames. Oversize glasses make a bold statement but chose a shape that fits your face shape.

A pair of eyewear will be an attention grabber at work or during a weekend out.

You will look all clear, stylish and ready for any day! Here are some of our picks


Our Dartford clear eyeglasses are hexagonal, with a high-end acetated flame.

The stylish pair by Batian eyewear is unisex and can be worn every day.

 The frames are available for face sizes, and your lenses will be fitted with the blue light filter.


Clear Eyeglasses

Alton clear flame.

Either male or female can wear the clear grey Alton glasses, and they will make you look fabulous.

This pair is square-shaped with round edges, and it is definitely what you should go for on either an official or a casual day.

Clear Eyeglasses


Lexden is a handmade acetate optical frame for women spectacle and blue light glasses. It is a round club master design that incorporates 2 current trends: clear acetate and metals 



Wearing Clear eyeglasses